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About us

Hayatsur Association is a civil society organization that strives to support communities in Turkey in acquiring their fundamental rights and freedom and works to ensure refugees' adaptation to host society. Hayatsur is developing projects in cooperation with various national and international institutions in order to improve the living conditions of the residents of Turkey.

Our mission is to support refugees, primarily children, in the fields of education, integration, psychosocial support, talent development, and vocational training in order to prevent the formation of a lost generation and to provide the necessary tools for individuals to integrate into society.

Hayatsur volunteers, consisting of Syrian and Turkish psychologists who are experts in their fields, teachers, and staff, work to create effective and in-depth developmental projects that are culturally appropriate in order to erase prejudices and build cultural/social bridges between the two communities.

The organization aims at societal betterment in fields such as education, child wellbeing, and psychological health by striving to reproduce social structures with peaceful methods.


Hayatsur, since its founding, has been working to reduce the effects of war on children to the utmost extent

  • Conducts therapy programs that help the children overcome the post-war traumas.

  • Provides free Turkish language courses for students.

  • Cooperates with the Ministry of Education, immigration authorities and civil society organizations to create solutions for the problems encountered by children who cannot afford to attend school.

  • Provides material and equipment support to education and training centers.

  • Provides material and psychological support to children with special needs.


The association, since its founding, has been working to reduce the effects of war and migration on the youth and on women as much as possible

  • Provides material and mental support to Syrian women entrepreneurs in projects that can lead them to achieve economic independence.

  • Conducts psychosocial support projects and provides legal guidance to women in order to ensure that they are aware of their rights and they integrate into society.

  • Organizes vocational courses for youth and women.


The organization, since its founding, has been striving to increase the quality of education that the refugee children receive and to ensure that all children attend school. HayatSur Association:

  • Prepares workshops and reports on the development of the education system that is offered to settled Syrians in Turkey, in the scope of the Syrian Teachers Association Project.

  • Provides basic educational supplies such as educational material, school uniforms, and books to children and schools in cities such as Istanbul, Hatay, Gaziantep, and Malatya.

  • Organizes Turkish language courses, vocational courses, and educational seminars lead by psychologists on communicating with children who suffered from trauma to Syrian teachers.