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Capacity Building & Vocational Training


Capacity building is the process of developing the skills, knowledge and tools necessary for individuals to perform their jobs competently. In order to facilitate the economic integration of young people through Capacity Building Programs, Hayatsür Association helps young people to make a better start in their professional lives. The association provides focused training in specific fields. The training aims to increase economic opportunities for young people who have been excluded from formal education but have knowledge in such fields, helping them to access the respective industry. 

Hayatsür Association provides free training

For young refugee and migrant,

 interested in information technology with; seminars on ECDL, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Web Design, Programming, Computer and Telephone Technician.

Young people interested in marketing with; Marketing skills, Real estate marketing, E-marketing and Accounting trainings.

Young people who want to work in the investment sector; Business Administration Certificate Program (Mini MBA), Feasibility Studies course and Small Business Management trainings.

Young people interested in engineering; PLC Course and Automatic Control training.

Occupational Health and Safety Training.

For refugee and immigrant teachers,

The most important group within the refugee population that moved to Turkey are the children and the youth. The need for education, which is one of the most important pillars of social integration, is not being provided sufficiently in practice. The number of public schools or Temporary Education Centers is not sufficient to meet the educational needs of children, and the number of Syrian teachers who speak Arabic-Turkish is meager. At this point, teachers who possess both the bilingual skills and the necessary competences to facilitate the transition process of children play a key role. The role of Syrian teachers in providing the environment in which Syrian children can live in harmony with their social environment and grow as healthy individuals cannot be denied.

In order to bring more permanent solutions to the education of Syrian children, Hayatsür Association, with the “Vocational Education Projects”, aims to aid young Syrian teachers who have been forced to migrate and who have not completed their vocational training, or have completed but lacking experience to develop themselves into innovative teachers. In order to achieve this, the association makes sure that ;

Teachers obtain advanced language training and vocational development training, and they care about the education they provide to children.

Teachers encourage inclusive education.

Teachers know how to use different teaching techniques to strengthen learning.

Teachers are trained in postwar trauma pedagogical formation.

Hayatsür Association supports the Syrian teachers, who are in the process of developing in their occupations and learning Turkish, for them to become a qualified part of the solution and be the examples of a model that can be used in all of Turkey.


For refugee and immigrant women,

Within the scope of Hayatsür Association Vocational Training program, training/educational seminars are provided to women on fashion design, tailoring, jewelry design, soap production, and cookery. One of the most important objectives to be achieved is the economic independence of women in order to combat the pressure of traditional gender roles on women. Thanks to such training, women's contribution to the home economy increases and children are no longer excluded from the education process to contribute to the family economy. Within the framework of these objectives, Hayatsür Association continues to support the refugee women by set up training and production workshops in order for women to profit from their education in the industrial process.