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Language Courses

The language barrier is one of the most significant problems that Syrian refugees face. The fact that adult refugees do not speak Turkish creates insolvencies in almost every aspect of the daily lives of individuals and families. Language education means several different things for refugees fleeing war, conflict and natural disasters;

In order to ensure continuity in the education of refugee children, the harmony they establish with the new language is of great importance. Transcending the language barrier is one of the most significant factors to realize the full participation of adult refugee individuals in economic, social and cultural life. Language education increases the integration of women and elderly individuals, who cannot socialize outside their homes, to their community by making possible social interactions with their neighbors. The Turkish language education provided to Syrian teachers contributes to the betterment of education provided to Syrian children and enables the teachers to practice their profession.

Considering all of the above, Hayatsür Association contributes to these processes by providing Turkish language courses for children, adults, and teachers. Language training plays a key role in helping refugees become self-sufficient by increasing their resilience, aiding them to develop new jobs and livelihood resources, and integrating them into society.