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Psychosocial Support

Psychosocial Support Program is a post-traumatic treatment program carried out by Hayatsur Association from 2015 to 2018. The program was created to provide psychosocial support to more than 5000 children between ages 5-15 residing in Turkey’s various regions in order to reduce the effects of negativity that may occur after trauma.

Psychosocial Support Program’s aim was to provide children with the skills to cope with negative situations caused by factors such as war, violence, migration, and loss. The program was carried out in community centers in Istanbul, Gaziantep, and Hatay in order to respond to the psychological and physical needs of children. The three main themes of the program were: Post-traumatic recovery, Social integration, and Peacebuilding.

The objectives of the program included helping children who were exposed to trauma through creative arts therapy, psychodrama, and skills development methods to ensure that they can continue their everyday life in Turkey with ease. Moreover, in the scope of the program, the children were offered guidance on how to deal with problems and how to develop necessary problem-solving skills in order for them to become influential individuals who can play a role in the intended peacebuilding process.

One of the most important features of the studies is the use of innovative techniques and methods to achieve the intended goals. The results of before and post-workshop assessments show the children’s’ ability to express themselves, their ability to communicate with their environment, their ability to make friends from Turkey, and their ability to find peaceful solutions to problems have been observed to develop in the course of the program.

Based on the results and experiences of this program, our aim is to create a methodology that can be applied and reproduced by other organizations working with or aiming to work with migrants around the world.

The program consisted of a process including the activities: Self-introduction, Getting to know each other, Peacebuilding, and Integration into the society of Turkey.

Self-introduction: The aim is to ensure that children can introduce themselves and express themselves in front of a community.

Getting to know each other: The focus is on supporting reconciliation and teamwork among children, teaching them how to express their feelings, how to strengthen their relationships with their families, how to protect themselves and how to establish positive relationships with others.

Peacebuilding: By showing children that obstacles can be overcome, It is aimed to reveal the physical and intellectual energy of children in order to stimulate their imagination, and to teach them how to have an optimistic attitude and how to dream about the future.

Integration into the society of Turkey: The aim is to encourage the proper use of public services of the host country and to promote the language acquisition of refugee children through organizing meetings with children from Turkey.