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Social Cohesion

The population of more than 3,5 million Syrians living in Turkey has significantly changed the demographic structure of the country This numerical change has also led to significant changes in socio-cultural fields. The concept that should be focused on in order to prevent this demographic change from having negative consequences for both communities is “Social Integration”.

Social integration is a two-way process that must be mutually carried out. Especially the refugees living outside the camps and in cities face economic, social and cultural difficulties which lead to problems regarding integration and adaptation. In order to ensure social integration, migrants must obtain the legal and social rights of the citizens of the host country, must have a job that ensures a sustainable life for himself/herself and his/her family, should establish a connection with the cultural and social structure of the host country and should not experience discrimination. It is crucial for societal welfare that the members of a society are living together while respecting each other's differences.

Hayatsur Association aims to increase the interaction and contact between Syrians and the host society and strives to contribute to the social integration by carrying out programs aimed at the cooperation and dialogue of different segments of the society through intercultural communication. The organization aims to prepare displaced Syrian students for formal education in the host country, to provide them with basic learning skills, and to ensure the continuing attendance of children who are already enrolled in schools. Facilitating the integration of refugees into the society through life skills training for children, adolescents and adults, psychosocial support, legal advice, and information on access to community services are among the social integration policies of Hayatsur Association.